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Salud Revenue Partners' Payer Collaboration Leader Recognized



LAFAYETTE, Indiana, January 18, 2024 – Salud Revenue Partners (Salud), a leader in revenue cycle management, announced today that Jason Smith, Salud’s Payer Collaboration Leader, received the Aetna Better Health© of Illinois Community Heart Award for his work with Humboldt Park Health.

Aetna Better Health of Illinois’ Community Heart Award honors organizations and individuals for their extraordinary work, service and contributions to positively affect Illinois’ underserved communities.

As Payer Collaboration Leader, Smith serves as a liaison between healthcare providers, like Humboldt Park Health, and insurance providers, like Aetna, to aid in mutual understanding, find solutions to claims disputes, and serve as an internal resource to educate Salud’s revenue cycle staff on payer reimbursement models. The Payer Collaboration Leader role at Salud was established to help ease some of the burden of revenue cycle so providers can focus on patient care instead of administrative hurdles. This is particularly important for the delivery of care to underserved populations where variances in the revenue cycle can more negatively impact a patient’s ability to seek out and pay for quality healthcare.


In a letter from Brandy Williams, Lieutenant Director, Provider Relations at Aetna, Williams recognized Smith for “bringing (his) heart to the vital services we provide to our communities, and for going the extra mile to ensure all our members continue to receive the best care possible.”


“All of us at Salud join Aetna in congratulating Jason Smith for being selected to receive the Aetna Better Health© of Illinois Community Heart Award,” stated Jesse Ford, Salud’s president and CEO, “We are grateful for his expertise and proud of the dedication from all of our team members who work together in serving our clients and their patients with the utmost integrity.”


For more information about Salud Revenue Partner’s Payer Collaboration role, visit:





About Salud Revenue Partners

Salud Revenue Partners (Salud) is a U.S.-based, technology-enabled service company with experienced leadership and a high-performance culture that partners with healthcare providers nationwide to improve revenue cycle performance.  Salud’s service and technology help streamline business offices, diagnose performance gaps, achieve the highest coding accuracy, resolve difficult accounts receivable and implement patient-centered solutions to self-pay. For more information, visit



About Humboldt Park Health

Since its establishment in 1894, Humboldt Park Health, formerly known as Norwegian American Hospital, has stood as a leading healthcare provider committed to delivering exceptional patient care. Our mission extends beyond medical treatment; we aim to foster wellness, advance medical knowledge, and consistently provide quality care for a wide range of medical needs.


At Humboldt Park Health, a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals operates within state-of-the-art facilities. We offer an extensive array of medical services to the community, specializing in women's health, diagnostics, and advanced imaging. Our dedicated specialists cover family practice, pediatrics, obstetrics, general surgery, neurology, behavioral health, emergency medicine, podiatry, gastroenterology, internal medicine, and ophthalmology.


As a community-based hospital, we actively reinvest in our community through programs catering to the poor and uninsured. We manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, prioritize health education, and engage in initiatives and outreach programs for the elderly.


Our commitment goes beyond medical excellence; we take pride in treating our patients, their families, and friends with thoughtfulness and respect. Each day, we strive to be a place of healing, caring, and connection for the patients and families in the community we proudly call home.




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