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Payer Relations

We've built positive relationships with payers across the U.S. so our collaboration results in the best interest for our clients.

Understanding payer requirements should be a core 
competency for everyone in revenue cycle management, but unfortunately, it is all too often lacking.


At Salud, the payer collaboration leader not only works with payer representatives to find solutions to claims disputes, they also serves as an internal resource to educate our staff on payer reimbursement models.

The collaborative aspect of this model works particularly well in the world of revenue cycle outsourcing, when a provider representative works with multiple organizations. When a payer issue is identified for one client, they can “scrub” accounts receivable of 
others to see if the issue exists elsewhere. One payer 
representative can follow through on a solution and 
end a situation where multiple representatives are 
fielding the same complaint from many providers. 

Approaching payers with a collaborative mindset 
and developing a positive relationship with their 
leaders can be a winning strategy for providers. 

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