Fixing a broken revenue cycle isn’t easy, so why go it alone?

With cash flow stalling, write-offs rising and staff leaving, providers aren’t meeting their financial targets. Powered by leading-edge technology and highly trained, focused teams, Salud identifies and solves recurring revenue cycle problems.

Revenue cycle management for a digital age

Health systems are recognizing that the revenue cycle requires working with a strategic partner with the expertise, technology and innovation to deliver the highest return on investment and assure the fiscal viability of the organization.

Salud applies next-generation process automation and artificial intelligence to focus on the most productive work to help healthcare organizations resolve difficult accounts receivable, achieve the highest coding accuracy and carry out patient-centered solutions to self-pay.

Our complete line of services includes extended business office, coding and compliance audits, zero balance reviews and patient-centered self-pay solutions.

"Don’t just furlough your way out of this crisis: Optimizing revenue cycle offers some relief today and much more tomorrow"

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“The Salud team has been wonderful to work with, and results exceeded our expectations. When our organization was going through a system conversion and facing staff shortages, Salud provided excellent support and assistance with resolving and collecting unpaid claims. They were all very knowledgeable and have great ability to communicate any issues that arose. I highly recommend Salud Revenue Partners.”

Rena Willey, CRCE, Director of Revenue Cycle, Patient Access and Patient Accounts, Unity Point Health, Memorial Hospital, Carthage, Ill.


What staffing shortage?

Salud CEO Jesse Ford writes on how our company’s high-performance culture, in which leaders exist to help staff achieve personal and client-centered goals, has kept highly motivated employees on board even amid a pandemic and other downward labor trends.

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AAHAM Patient Financial Advocate Pledge

Salud is proud to be among the early adopters of the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management’s Patient Financial Advocate Pledge. This Pledge embodies the standards and principles of the NICE (Navigating Insurance Complexity Through Education) Promise. Through it, we have pledged to expend every effort to educate and assist patients through the payment process, including help with insurance issues, hospital financial assistance and payment plans. We also pledge to exhaust all other avenues for reimbursement before any collection effort commences. For the full pledge, click here.