A new path forward for healthcare revenue cycle

Amid a staffing crisis, skyrocketing costs of care and a challenging payment environment, providers are looking to the revenue cycle for solutions. Many are offshoring business functions, while others are shelling out millions for new artificial intelligence tools, hoping that they will solve everything.

The Salud Difference

Powered by automation and working in teams focused on specific issues, our highly trained staff get into the trenches with clients to identify and solve the root causes of today’s revenue cycle challenges.

Our culture is about transparency and ensuring our clients’ long-term viability. When we find solutions to avert future revenue losses, we share them with all of our clients, even if it means we work our way out of jobs.

We’ve been using automated processes for a decade to focus on the most productive work. Now we are looking to a future when true machine learning automates even more of the revenue cycle. As former healthcare finance executives, we understand the power of these tools, but we also know that they are not enough by themselves to help our clients hit their financial targets.

Our U.S.-based, multidisciplinary teams, each aligned around a common revenue cycle challenge, bring expertise and dedication to detail unmatched in the industry. Our unique culture, which includes continuous career development and a flat organizational hierarchy, helps us hire and retain the best staff.

The bottom line: Salud gets the results that prove we are different.


“The Salud team has been wonderful to work with, and results exceeded our expectations. When our organization was going through a system conversion and facing staff shortages, Salud provided excellent support and assistance with resolving and collecting unpaid claims. They were all very knowledgeable and have great ability to communicate any issues that arose. I highly recommend Salud Revenue Partners.”

Rena Willey, CRCE, Director of Revenue Cycle, Patient Access and Patient Accounts, Unity Point Health, Memorial Hospital, Carthage, Ill.


What staffing shortage?

Salud CEO Jesse Ford writes on how our company’s high-performance culture, in which leaders exist to help staff achieve personal and client-centered goals, has kept highly motivated employees on board even amid a pandemic and other downward labor trends.

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