Revenue cycle management for a digital age

Reimbursement is under pressure from all quarters. Patients are reluctant or unable to meet sky-high deductibles and copayments. Insurers are aggressively denying claims based on medical necessity. And Medicaid managed care has only added to the burden.


Predictive. Prescriptive. Connective.

Health systems are recognizing that the revenue cycle requires working with a strategic partner that has the expertise, the technology, and the commitment to hard work and innovation to deliver the highest return on investment and assure the fiscal viability of the organization. Salud is that partner.

We are at the forefront of innovation, applying next-generation process automation and artificial intelligence to focus on the most productive work to help healthcare organizations resolve difficult accounts receivable, achieve the highest coding accuracy and carry out patient-centered solutions to self-pay.

Our experienced and highly trained staff work in collaborative teams centered around common payment issues, ensuring all of our clients get great results.

We tailor our services to clients’ needs. We can provide an extended business office, coding and compliance audits, patient-centered self-pay solutions and a range of other services.

Most of all, we do the hard work alongside our clients, being the partner they need so they are freed to focus on building a better healthcare system and keeping patients in their networks of care.

"Don’t just furlough your way out of this crisis: Optimizing revenue cycle offers some relief today and much more tomorrow"

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“The Salud team has been wonderful to work with, and results exceeded our expectations. When our organization was going through a system conversion and facing staff shortages, Salud provided excellent support and assistance with resolving and collecting unpaid claims. They were all very knowledgeable and have great ability to communicate any issues that arose. I highly recommend Salud Revenue Partners.”

Rena Willey, CRCE, Director of Revenue Cycle, Patient Access and Patient Accounts, Unity Point Health, Memorial Hospital, Carthage, Ill.


AAHAM Patient Financial Advocate Pledge

Salud is proud to be among the early adopters of the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management’s Patient Financial Advocate Pledge. This Pledge embodies the standards and principles of the NICE (Navigating Insurance Complexity Through Education) Promise. Through it, we have pledged to expend every effort to educate and assist patients through the payment process, including help with insurance issues, hospital financial assistance and payment plans. We also pledge to exhaust all other avenues for reimbursement before any collection effort commences. For the full pledge, click here.

Revenue management with a community conscience

We believe that optimizing revenue cycle isn’t just about business processes and revenue collections. It’s about being a reliable partner that works with our clients to find savings and efficiencies that free the resources to preserve the safety net, save jobs and lives, and make communities stronger. We strive every day to be an employer of choice for the best in the field.