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Proven digital tools enable expert teams to predict and overcome denials and recoup lost revenue.

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Salud Revenue Partners was founded 12 years ago to free healthcare providers from the complexities of the revenue cycle, optimizing their cash flow and improving patients’ self-pay experience. With decades of experience in finance, technology and coding, our leadership team saw the need to develop leading-edge workflow and analytics tools supported by robotic process automation to make our work more efficient and effective, producing the highest possible return on investment for our clients.


In Salud’s big data infrastructure, we aggregate vast quantities of data and uses advanced algorithms to identify issues ranked by the potential impact of interventions. For many providers and vendors, this is a massive task: Each payer has its own nomenclature and rules, which change by the week. Many payers use artificial intelligence to instantly deny claims. Salud has a unique payer collaboration program that stays current on all payer rules. We run claims through our purpose-built automated scrubber, which looks for coding and billing rule anomalies while projecting future income.


We simplify staff work through our proprietary workflow and analytics platform, SaludSynapse. As a common problem surfaces, Salud presents tactical work groups to staff who possess the relevant expertise on the issue to work through the data and find solutions his work is made cost-effective by technology; our teams utilize single-click access to detailed claim statuses and denial information, as well as timesaving, error-reducing, pre-populated payer forms to facilitate appeals and underpayment recovery processes. Free of routinized work, staff are more engaged and productive.


Automation, analytics, efficiency, engagement. No other vendor works the way Salud does, which is what separates us from the field.

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AI in healthcare: It's a thing, but it's complicated

Jesse Ford, President & CEO

Two years after his initial take on AI in healthcare revenue cycle, Jesse Ford, Salud's president & CEO, shares his updated insights.

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