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Why leave millions on the table?

With rising expenses, staffing shortages and a rapidly changing payer market, there's little time for evaluating the precision of revenue cycle processes and payments.


Instead of focusing on reducing expenses, find a new source of revenue in a risk-free contingency model, with a seamless transition and low burden on your teams.

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Look to Salud when:

  • You want to boost collections and improve your financial health

  • You want to identify billing and coding issues not apparent in denials

  • You want to enhance payer relations and accountability

  • You want to focus on INTEGRITY and minimize compliance risk

"Our strategic partnership has given us confidence inour reimbursements aid ever-chaing payer regulations. Because of Salud's recommendations, we have fixed processes and received on-going benefit without additional costs.  This is a working relationship with lasting vlaue."

VP of revenue cycle, large Midwestern health system

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There's GOLD in zero balance reviews

When claims close, an opportunity opens to increase payment accuracy and revenue

Jesse Ford, President & CEO

Specialized expertise:

  • Advanced analytics compare reimbursements with payer contracts and policies

  • Proprietary automated claims scrubber flags incorrect claims, denials and underpayments

  • Unparalleled advice enhances our clients' success in reducing future revenue leakage

  • PHI treated with the utmost care; SOC2 compliant and recurrent HIPAA compliance training



in revenue leakage

for 3-hospital integrated delivery system

collected over


in six months

for 9-hospital regional health system


Early success drive expansion of zero balance reviews


What started as a modest review of settled claims within a 10-hospital health system gained traction quickly, especially after Salud was able to recover $10 million in the first year for the system. The system is part of a statewide purchasing consortium.


Salud’s payment models include reimbursement calculators designed to ensure complete account payment for services performed, not just what was billed. As each system hospital was added, a review of coding, billing and write-offs fixed a host of broken processes.


  • $43 million in underpayments identified

  • $26 million appealed

  • $21 million recovered







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