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Kristen Whelan

Kristen Whelan

Human Resources Leader

Kristen Whelan is an accomplished senior HR professional with a track record of over 10 years in progressive leadership roles. She holds the respected SHRM-SCP certification and has honed her skills in the highly demanding industries of third-party logistics and revenue cycle management. Within her experience in these sectors, Kristen has developed a unique perspective on how to optimize HR practices to align with company goals and objectives while fostering a great work culture.

What sets Kristen apart from other HR leaders is her commitment to servant leadership and being a partner to both the employees as well as the business. She is passionate about creating a positive work environment that encourages empathy, teamwork, and collaboration. Kristen firmly believes that employee satisfaction and business success go hand in hand, and she is currently leading the mission to ensure that Salud, where she currently leads the HR team, becomes a recognized Employer of Choice in the industry.

Through her innovative strategies and strong people skills, Kristen is building a culture of inclusivity and diversity, where all employees feel valued, respected, and heard. Her dedication to building talent and developing leaders within the organization has resulted in a highly motivated and engaged workforce.

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