Next-generation intelligence

From its inception in 2011, Salud has used leading-edge technology to make our work more productive, meaningful and valuable to clients. We don’t sell technology, but use advanced, automated processes that have been made possible by our continuously evolving SaludSynapse workflow and analytics platform. This proprietary system aggregates data from clients, payers and our previous work – including claim details, status and denials, insurance eligibility and reimbursement calculations – and uses algorithms to identify the most relevant issues ranked by the potential impact of interventions.

These allow:

  • Single-click access to detailed claim status and denial information
  • Dashboards that provide accurate views of each payer’s activity and underpayments
  • Easier appeals process prioritizing account balance, quantity of denials, payer and account type
  • End-to-end tracking of recurring claims problems from required reporting through resolution
  • Timesaving, error-reducing, pre-populated payer forms to facilitate appeals and underpayment recovery processes

More recently, we have added the very latest capabilities of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation that open up a whole new world of efficiency, productivity and opportunity for clients to optimize revenue cycle management. Just a few examples:

Revenue Cycle Opportunities Using AI

Predict claim outcomesMachine learningProject when payers will pay and how much
Make claim appeals easierRobotic process automationKnow what claims are likely to be denied and why
Claim status checksMachine learningMinimize staff time by projecting which claims are to be paid when
Patient likelihood to payPredictive analytics using social psychologyDriving higher collections and lower overhead through predictive analytics

We are collecting huge amounts of data through even more advanced auto statusing. This data feeds into our artificial intelligence platform, and as is true of machine learning, exponential improvement in performance for our clients is possible.