Revenue Cycle Management Reinvented

At a time when revenue cycle complexity is growing more acute …

SaludSynapse dramatically simplifies the work of frontline staff, making them far more productive and their work more meaningful. Better workflow and a clearer window into staff performance ease the job of managers. And access to actionable data presented in an intuitive manner with near-infinite drill-down capability helps senior leadership know where the organization stands in regard to payment and empowers high-level decision making.

Make connections in everything going on in your business office


Use SaludSynapse’s infinitely customizable dashboards to:

  • Drill down into any data to the minute level, such as why a particular claim was rejected.
  • Find out how many claims are pending, paid or denied, and establish the patterns in these statuses.
  • Organize dashboards by type of payer to get an accurate picture of activity and any underpayments.

Together, these dashboards conduct comprehensive intelligence for effectively managing the revenue cycle.

Integrated workflow and analytics

  • Auto status

    With a single click, staff can access almost any claim file of any payer, helping prioritize work and boosting productivity.*

  • Issues management system

    Tracks recurring claims problems from required reporting through resolution, simplifying the process for staff to share information and receive feedback. Salud’s solution applies a Lean healthcare practice of “giving the staff a voice.”

  • Denial and delay resolution

    Prioritize denials based upon account balance, quantity of denials, payer and account type, greatly facilitating appeals.

  • Streamlined payer forms

    Pre-populates payer forms to facilitate appeals and underpayment recovery processes, reducing manual errors and saving time.

  • Marketplace library

    SaludSynapse provides instant access to our vast, searchable database of revenue cycle reference materials.

* This service is available as a stand-alone module.