Innovative, intelligent solutions to healthcare’s revenue problem

Salud’s revenue cycle experts help our clients manage complexity by anticipating and resolving issues as they arise.

Our issues-focused collaborative work teams produce advanced analyses of industry trends, develop creative strategies to monitor and address challenges, and provide training and education in advance of changes.

Salud has the national knowledge and local focus to provide continual vigilance on behalf of its customers to ensure clean claims that get paid on time. We can provide everything and anything from full-service outsourcing to extended business office to small balance reviews to consulting on internal processes.

This work is powered by the industry’s leading technology. Our process automation allows staff to prioritize claims denials based upon account balance, quantity of denials, payer and account type, to maximize speed to resolution. We are also using artificial intelligence to take the guesswork out of claims resolution.


“Salud’s collection follow up has significantly reduced our AR in small balance insurance accounts. It also reviews our zero balance accounts and has appealed over $1.3 million in underpaid claims from our Medicaid MCOs. Salud’s knowledge of Illinois payers and its technology have greatly assisted revenue cycle collections at our hospital.”

Randy Stein, PhD, CRCR, Director of Revenue Cycle, Norwegian American Hospital, Chicago


Fast and accurate claims processing and appeals

Our Salud Synapse platform empowers our staff with its advanced process automation.

  • Single click access to detailed claim status and denial information per payer (paid, pending, or denied)
  • Payer dashboards for an at-a-glance accurate view of payer activity and underpayments
  • Easier appeals process with prioritization of denials based upon account balance, quantity of denials, payer and account type
  • End-to-end tracking of recurring claims problems from required reporting through resolution
  • Time-saving, error-reducing pre-populated payer forms to facilitate appeals and underpayment recovery processes

We are collecting huge amounts of data through even more advanced auto statusing. This data feeds into our artificial intelligence platform, allowing us to predict outcomes of claims, improve the quality of clean claims to overcome denials and find patterns in accounts receivable to ensure the highest payment.