Payment Validation

The worry of incorrect payments and potential lost revenue

It’s perplexing!

Shifts in the insurance market, expansion of value-based-payment strategies, and changes to coding/payment systems are making it increasingly difficult to identify whether healthcare providers are being paid correctly. For instance, as some states have adopted eAPG-based reimbursement, their corresponding Medicaid HMOs struggle with accurate modeling and payment. As a provider, it is increasing difficult to determine what is correct, so providers are either spending a lot of money to identify and appeal incorrect payments or they are missing out on revenue they deserve.

Recover lost revenue

Salud’s payment integrity program couples advanced understanding of payer reimbursements with contract modeling, SaludSynapse, and relationships with local payer representatives to quickly identify underpayments and appeal inappropriate payments.

Using dashboards with drill-down capabilities, Salud compares received reimbursements to negotiated, contracted reimbursement rates to identify and trend potential variances for specific payers.


  • Zero balance account analysis

    We scour your zero balance

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    accounts to identify incorrect payments or and inappropriate write-offs, improving compliance and recovering lost revenue. We maximize the use of technology to automate how we evaluate and collect underpaid claims.

  • Proration management

    Build your billing system to take the correct adjustments at the time of billing.