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Salud Revenue Partners is a different place to work. Similar jobs at other healthcare companies require staff to perform manual, repetitive work completed at a prescribed rate, alone with a list of claims and a deadline.

In stark contrast, Salud has a flat corporate structure. We work in teams, each centered around a common revenue cycle problem. Staff routinely share issues, solutions, ideas and information that impact the provider’s expected payment. We provide our staff with world-class training and education, set goals and then set them free to accomplish them. Our internal communications system allows the team and its leaders to rapidly address and resolve payer issues.

We believe that optimizing revenue cycle isn’t just about business processes and revenue collections. It’s about being a reliable partner that works with our clients to find savings and efficiencies that free the resources to preserve the safety net, save jobs and lives, and make communities stronger. We strive every day to be an employer of choice for the best in the field.

If you want to work for a dynamic, innovative leader in the world of healthcare revenue cycle management, look no further than Salud Revenue Partners. Fill out this application and email it to us.