“Mars-landing” capabilities urgently needed in denial management

Jesse FordRevenue Management

Last month I watched in amazement as NASA’s Perseverance Rover touched down softly on Mars. After traveling six and a half months and over 100 million miles, Perseverance aimed for the Jezero Crater, a 5-by-4-mile area featuring dangerous pits, cliffs and boulders. As I watched, I marveled at the precision of each calculated step that led to touchdown, and I … Read More

The math behind turning bad debt into cash collections

Richard DeSoto, CRCERevenue Management

Editor’s note: This article first appeared in the winter 2021 issue of AAHAM’s Journal of Healthcare Administrative Management. During this long pandemic, revenue cycle management has had the daunting task of improving cash flow with fewer internal resources, amid a shift to remote work. Many organizations, faced with demand for quick change, have outsourced some or all of their business … Read More

Achieving Balance Integrity

Jesse FordRevenue Management

In the Age of Consumerism, you need to exhaust all other payment options before the bill goes out Many years ago, on a flight home from Washington, D.C., I struck up a conversation with a fellow passenger who was heading home with her young son, a boy filled with joy and energy, who was bouncing around his seat like any … Read More

Key Steps to Close the Financial Gap in 2021

SaludRevenue Management

With operational revenue still depressed, experts from Lumina Health Partners and Salud Revenue Partners joined forces to provide practical tips for righting the fiscal ship over the crucial next few months. Watch the webinar | Download presentation

Revenue cycle faces unprecedented challenges, but old truths point the way to new solutions

Jesse FordCOVID-19, Revenue Management

We’ve done it before. While we cope with financial and mental stress in an uncertain environment, revenue cycle leaders can draw upon the well of experience they have in adjusting to previous change in our dynamic healthcare industry. We’ve withstood several downturns in the economy. We’ve overcome vast changes in the payer market, reimbursement systems, coding systems and new technology. … Read More

Want some good news? Start with recovered cash today, and much more to come through automated processes and understanding of payer behavior

Frank MassiRevenue Management, Zero balance

Despite the return of elective procedures at most hospitals and outpatient centers, not nearly enough patients have been showing up, perhaps fearful of what they perceive as high-risk environments. As a result, healthcare’s COVID-19-fed economic downturn has reached epidemic proportions, leaving organizations of all types and sizes scrambling to identify any new or accelerated sources of revenue. Instead of mass … Read More

While AI in healthcare matures, finding the right data is a starting point

Jesse FordRevenue Management

In our fall newsletter, I asked, “Has AI really arrived in healthcare revenue cycle?” I shared that as a company born in a digital age, Salud recognizes the need to collect, store, and analyze clinical and financial data that can help predict outcomes and improve processes that affect cash. However, I questioned then and continue to question whether the industry … Read More

Salud connects the dots to help providers use the rev cycle to connect with patients as consumers across the enterprise

Frank MassiRevenue Management

In our fall newsletter we talked about how self-pay can be turned in to a provider advantage through “consumerization.” We also discussed how Salud organizes around the patient-as-consumer via an organization-wide commitment to provide revenue cycle managed services that are “connective, predictive and prescriptive.” This consumerist outlook was bolstered by the work of two major organizations, the Healthcare Financial Management … Read More

Has AI really arrived in healthcare revenue cycle?

Jesse FordRevenue Management

It’s safe to say that healthcare has come a long way from its low-tech past. Until just a few years ago, paper was still the foundation for most healthcare processes. We spent tens of billions of dollars, much of it government money, to adopt electronic medical records, for better or, in all too many cases, for worse. Interpersonal communications went … Read More

How self-pay can be turned into a provider advantage

Frank MassiRevenue Management

Consumer? Consumerism? Consumerization? In the context of healthcare, all three evoke different perspectives (and emotions) regarding the healthcare continuum and the end-to-end patient experience. From a revenue cycle perspective, for what is known as the “patient financial experience,” the word we use is consumerization. This implies action, and lots of it; an ongoing effort universally acknowledged and urgently needed to … Read More