Extended Business Office

Sometimes you can’t do it all on your own

Both large and small healthcare providers sometimes find that they don’t have the breadth or depth of resources to manage complex situations

When implementing a new information system, managing a merger, or struggling with a payer, providers often look for additional resources so that challenges they encounter don’t disrupt their operations and impact cash flow.

The help you need

Salud has expert teams to help tackle your challenges. We specialize in complex claim management, and can mobilize the resources to focus on your needs. Salud staff receive extensive training, utilize marketplace resources and are supported by automation to ensure they are engaged and equipped to help solve your problems.


  • A/R resolution

    Let Salud’s U.S.-based, expert staff seamlessly drive collections on government and non-governmental accounts receivables, and free up your own staff time to focus on other priorities.

  • Denial and appeals management

    Appeal and pursue claims denied by governmental and non-governmental payers. Our streamlined workflow, supported by SaludSynapse, enables staff to prioritize and quickly appeal denials, tracking appeals history to support their efforts.

  • Billing oversight and improvement

    Charges rejected at the time of claim submission, or denied later, should all be considered a billing issue until proven differently. Salud investigates root causes, then updates billing systems and/or coordinates with upstream departments to improve processes. Higher clean claim rates reduce unnecessary back-end follow-up.