An opportunity too often missed

For many healthcare organizations, the revenue cycle remains an untapped but fertile source of funding for operations. Often, those funds seem unreachable because of the difficulties in prioritizing accounts receivable, collecting in an era of self-pay and new insurances, and, in many cases, the bureaucratic nature of the back office itself. This leaves too many providers opting for the self-defeating solution of cutting valuable, experienced staff instead of optimizing business operations.

Jennifer Swindle, Salud’s Vice President of Quality and Service Excellence, regularly contributes to HFMA’s Revenue Cycle Strategist magazine.

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The Salud Difference

Salud Revenue Partners is a technology-enabled service company that combines advanced data analytics with productive work to solve common payment issues, handle large volumes of accounts efficiently and effectively, and provide clients with the highest return on investment.

We give our staff objectives, exceptional training and technology-enabled resources to accomplish goals – and then set them free to get the job done. We encourage fresh ideas and a collaborative approach to delivering industry-leading solutions to clients.

Our proprietary workflow and analytics system, SaludSynapse, aggregates data from clients, payers and our previous work – including claim details, status and denials, insurance eligibility and reimbursement calculations – and uses algorithms to identify the most relevant issues ranked by the potential impact of interventions.

Our approach allows us to focus solely on solving the claims, coding and reimbursement issues faced by our clients, so they can achieve their revenue cycle goals.  

Come grow with us!

If you want to work for a dynamic, innovative leader in the world of healthcare revenue cycle management, look no further than Salud Revenue Partners. Our new headquarters in Lafayette, Ind., is in an expansion mode. We have posted several new positions (click here), and more opportunities are opening up every day. For more information about working for us, check us out on Facebook or watch this video on our technology.  

We invite anyone who is interested in working for Salud to fill out this application and email it to us.


With revenue challenges rising, it's time to focus on the basics

“Even amid a booming economy and near full employment, healthcare providers are facing significant financial headwinds,” Salud CEO Jesse Ford wrote in the Jan. 9, 2018, Becker’s Hospital Review.

Reimbursement cuts, private payers’ increased denials for medical necessity, high out of pocket costs for consumers, the loss of the individual mandate and other changes might call for a whole new approach to revenue cycle management and a huge new investment in technology, but Ford thinks this may be a time for simplicity – a focus on the basics. “That includes old fashioned goals such as ensuring clean bills, avoiding coding errors that might flip responsibility onto patients and working with patients upfront to handle their payment in a patient-friendly manner. Rather than cutting staff through morale-busting layoffs, there is far less pain in finding extra dollars by ensuring payers are following policies and your own claims are accurate,” Ford writes.

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The Vision Behind Salud Revenue Partners
Health systems need a reliable revenue cycle partner who will work with them to continuously identify and implement new ways to optimize their revenue cycles. An effective revenue cycle helps hospitals survive – saving jobs and lives – and making communities stronger.

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Robert C. Parker, MD, MBA, former CEO, Sinai Medical Group, Chicago